St Mary’s Coptic Orthodox College

School Travel Manager is proud to have close associations with many excellent colleges and schools around the world. Many fine education establishments in Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK have found the School Travel Manager system invaluable.

One such school is St Mary’s Coptic Orthodox College in Victoria, Australia. Who have recently signed up to use the School Travel Manager system on their fleet of twenty-one school buses.

St Mary’s Coptic Orthodox College

St Mary’s is an independent Coptic Orthodox College that caters for students from Foundation to Year 12. Established in 1991, St Mary’s COC has provided an educational community based on strong Christian values.

Students are encouraged to respect each other, their school and the wider community. Also to act with integrity, kindness, courage, and honesty.

You can find out more about the work that St Mary’s Coptic Orthodox College carry out by following their official Facebook social media channel.

St Mary's Coptic Orthodox College

Logistics and Requirements

When a school is operating a large fleet of vehicles then it is always a problem knowing who is on what buses. Whether it is on the school run to and from home, or field trips, or any other school travel related event.

St Mary’s had a problem with the way they recorded this information as it was not automated. That meant every driver or school monitor had a physical ledger to record the passengers on each individual vehicle.

The problem with this antiquated method is that there is no real time information that can be accessed remotely, either by the school or the parents. So the school had no idea who had actually got on the buses and was being transported.

The School Travel Manager Solution

The School Travel Manager system logs all children as they board and disembark the vehicle using either a smart-card type of system or manually by the driver or monitor . When the student swipes the card getting on or getting off the bus a message is instantly sent to the school and the parents.

So there is real-time information of who is being transported and perhaps more importantly who has not boarded and has been left behind.

Obviously this real-time information may be critical to the safety of the students, as both school and parents know instantly if there is a problem and can act accordingly and respond immediately.

By implementing the School Travel Manager system, St Mary’s COC will be able to do away with the existing ledger system and become fully automated with Parents and staff having real time information as to who is on the bus at all times

There are many other benefits of using the School Travel Manager system than those we have highlighted. If you wish to know more about this innovative group transportation software then contact us today.