IC Bus Makes Electronic Stability Control and Collision Mitigation Standard on School Buses

The school administrators and transport operators continuously rely on the comprehensive tracking and passenger management system to ensure all school children get to be transported safely and correctly. This system similar to School Travel Manager will give extra protection and security for school children in transit to and from school.

The same with IC Bus, it is always at the forefront of technology when it comes to school buses. As being one of the industry’s leading school bus manufacturer and fully committed to producing the best school buses that will bring students to and from school safely. IC Bus has recently announced to equip an advanced new technology driver assistance system for all their new school buses.

It is an electronic stability control (ESC) and collision mitigation technology build to support drivers in avoiding a loss of control or a crash. It is considered as the first of its kind and thus making IC Bus the only original equipment maker (OEM) to offer this robust collision mitigation technology on school buses.

What is ESC and Collision Mitigation Technology?

ESC and Collision Mitigation Technology will help drivers avoid vehicle slides, rollovers, skids and loss of control circumstances on wet, snow, ice covered and dry roadways. The system will automatically intervene to assist drivers, if necessary, apply vehicle brakes and reduce throttle when a vehicle reached a critical stability threshold.

The ESC and Collision Mitigation Technology will alert drivers that action may be needed if a stationary object or a vehicle is blocking its lane. It could detect objects blocking its lane whether it’s day, night, rainy, foggy or snowy. It will provide an audible and visual alert to drivers and automatically apply the brakes when the system determines an imminent collision with a forward vehicle or a metallic object(s) blocking its lane of travel.

ESC and Collision Mitigation Technology Standard on School Buses

IC Bus announced to make ESC and Collision Mitigation Technology standard on their RE Series and CE Series school bus models with air brakes. By making this technology standard, IC Bus is the only OEM to offer an active and a passive driver assistance safety technology for the school bus industry.

IC Bus also added that the electronic stability control (ESC) and collision mitigation technology will be available in the spring of 2019 for propane and gasoline buses with hydraulic brakes. And, electronic stability control for buses having air brakes will be available in the spring of 2019 as well.

The Vice President and General Manager of IC Bus, Trish Reed said, “IC Bus is able to bring these advanced technologies to customers in a cost-effective manner, while delivering added peace of mind to school districts, school bus contractors, students and their parents.”

“With electronic stability control and collision mitigation, the safest mode of transportation just got even better,” Reed said.

“At the end of the day, we know it is the right thing to do for the industry and our customers,” he added.

By this technology, school children will be even safer and more secure whilst in transit to and from their school. For more latest news and updates on the school bus industry, you can follow our blog page.