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School Travel Manager 

Protecting Your

Most Valuable Assets

    • Proven Worldwide Multilingual “Cloud Based” Solution

    • Complete Driver and Vehicle Recording and Document Management

    • Real Time Messaging for Parents, Drivers and Schools

    • Adherence and Compliance of All Regulatory Requirements

    • Absolute Peace of Mind for Parents

    • Time Saving for School’s Administration

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About School Travel Manager

School Travel Manager is the most comprehensive tracking and monitoring system available for school transportation. It is truly an all encompassing global system, that is Cloud based and multilingual.

What School Travel Manager does

School Travel Manager is an all encompassing solution that focuses on the safety of your children whilst they are in transport. It is not just a simple tracking system. The multitude of applications and tools available within the system make the School Travel Manager the most comprehensive vehicle monitoring system on the market today. It is not just the vehicle that the system monitors, it is the children themselves by use of an advanced swipe card system which allows both parents and schools to know exactly where the vehicles and children are - and when.


  • Regular Updates

    The system is under constant development with new features every few weeks and customers requests are often brought to reality

School Travel Manager Features

100% web based – access your system from anywhere
admin system management


School Travel Manager not only protects the children, it provides security for the schools by supplying and reporting on all regulatory information...

monitor app


The “Monitor App” of School Travel Manager is a very powerful tool. It not only allows for instructions and messages to be relayed, but adds protection for the school...

parent app


Any parent is concerned where their children are during the day, but when they hand their children over to the control of their school they are relying on...

3rd party

3rd Party Compliance

Not every school has its own vehicles, and there are occasions when the regular transport company cannot supply transport for whatever reason...

School Travel Manager Video

Come and watch our videos on how School Travel Manager can protect your most valuable assets. Your Children!

School Travel Manager. The App designed to improve the safety of your child's School Transport.

School Travel Manager -  Protecting Your Most Valuable Assets

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School Travel Manager Screenshots

School Travel Manager View, Google Maps Integration, Admin System Management, Parent App and Monitor App

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