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How Normal is Your School Bus?

Enjoying your morning trip to school you probably travel on a conventional school bus that millions of other children collectively do every day. Most kids do not even take stock of their surroundings, or how comfortable or safe the school transportation they are travelling on is. And around the world some owners and operators of Read more »

St Mary’s Coptic Orthodox College

School Travel Manager is proud to have close associations with many excellent colleges and schools around the world. Many fine education establishments in Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK have found the School Travel Manager system invaluable. One such school is St Mary’s Coptic Orthodox College in Victoria, Australia. Who have recently signed Read more »

New Technology Training Courses

There are many ways that the school bus industry is trying to make life safer and more secure for children traveling to and from school. And School Travel Manager’s advanced software applications are just one of the initiatives that are open to bus companies and schools to make the school journey as safe as possible. Read more »

School Bus News December 2018

If you are not aware of the benefits for students, schools, and parents that School Travel Manager can bring, then simply contact us to see what our solution can do for you. In this blog, we look at recent news headlines hitting the media in America during December 2018, and you can still see that Read more »

Busworld Russia 2018 – A Review

Here at School Travel Manager, we like to follow any bus industry news with great interest. By knowing what the trends and new innovations that are coming into the group transportation industry we can keep dovetailing our solutions to take on board all the relevant new technology. That is why we were so interested in Read more »

Bill to Re-introduce School Bus Passing Penalties

School Travel Manager is not only a most effective method of providing schools, parents, and school transport companies with the best tracking and safety software, our blog pages area gives current and up-to-date information of what is happening in the world of school bus transportation. In this blog we look at news that came out Read more »

School Bus Safety Petition Hits the White House

News from the Miami Herald hit the headlines in November after a series of incidents involving children that lead to injury and death caused by negligent drivers plowing through school bus stops. The petition sent to the White House is urging the federal government to step in and act swiftly to stop this horrific practice. Read more »

School Travel News

Good news for many school bus transport companies coming out of Washington, America is that the greatest risk in school travel is not actually on school buses. Here at School Travel Manager we have been working tirelessly with schools and transport companies to develop our software so it is most effective towards the safety of Read more »

Loading and Unloading the School Bus

School Travel Manager has been helping transport companies, schools and parents to make the school bus run for children as safe as possible. But no matter how sophisticated our software and state-of-the-art safety features are, there is still the human element to consider. Recently the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released valuable information for school Read more »

School Bus Left Students Stranded

School Travel Manager has a unique swipe card system that ensures parents and schools are aware if their children are aboard a school bus or not. But in this latest news from America, even the advantages of an up-to-date system such as School Travel Manager can be overruled if the driver wishes to do so. Read more »

Increased Bus Safety with Extended Stop Arms

The safety of the children traveling on a school bus is paramount above all else, and the tireless work by government agencies and private companies involved in the transportation of school children should be applauded. School Travel Manager is one such private company that is using modern technology to make the school trip safer. But Read more »

Life Saving Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe on the School Bus

School Travel Manager has been beavering away developing our software to make your child’s experience of going to school on the bus as safe and as pleasurable as possible. However, there are certain safety tips that you can impart to your children to ensure their safety when they are going to school and back on Read more »

The Future of School Bus Fueling

The school bus industry is constantly developing new safety ideas and concepts worldwide, and software systems such as School Travel Manager are just one area that are being looked at. Primarily a system to track the vehicle and passengers, School Travel Manager also is a great tracking device to see where the vehicle actually is Read more »

Update on School Bus News

In this blog we look at the school bus news that is breaking currently in September 2018 in the United States of America. School Travel Manager is fully aware of many of the issues that face school bus operators in the world. The School Travel Manager software is a superb way of protecting your most Read more »

Bus News – Accidents and Crashes Cause Rethinking of Safety

The most important factor about sending your kids to school by any form of transport is their safety. And the issue of blame or who is responsible for their safety is quite irrelevant if they are at risk in transit. Recent news that has hit the bus industry in the U.S has brought this issue Read more »

IC Bus Makes Electronic Stability Control and Collision Mitigation Standard on School Buses

The school administrators and transport operators continuously rely on the comprehensive tracking and passenger management system to ensure all school children get to be transported safely and correctly. This system similar to School Travel Manager will give extra protection and security for school children in transit to and from school. The same with IC Bus, Read more »

The Cost of Administration

School administrators get involved with every facet of student care from an administration point of view. They work in every level of education and job roles and tasks could be to manage financial budgets, supervise staff and students, assist with behaviour management, the list is almost endless. In large schools then there would be numerous Read more »

Top Alternative Fuels For School Transport

The major vehicle manufacturers are pushing their alternative green fuel design for the transport industry by addressing the pressing environmental issue. Even school transports are getting radical transformations in many ways, an innovative passenger management system like School Travel Manager has been developed to assist school administrators, secretary, and drivers in transporting school children in Read more »

School Excursions and Activities

Here at School Travel Manager we offer a comprehensive tracking and operational system especially designed for school transport. This extensive system is proving invaluable to schools for the day-to-day school run or school excursions and activities. Many schools are not fortunate to have such systems in place and have to rely on guidelines set down Read more »

Major Tech Innovations for School Bus Transportation

There is no doubt that the technology will just continue on advancing to ease our daily undertakings. The public transportation industry is having a nonstop technological advancement of a more secure and a higher degree of comfort for passengers. And also, the school bus industry is getting radical transformations that soon will be widely implemented Read more »

How Does a Driver Keep Control on a Bus

The school bus has arrived at school and the students pile on for their journey home, the teachers are exhausted from their days teaching and the parents are waiting for their kids to turn up at home. Now it is the bus driver’s turn to take control and manage the kids out of school and Read more »

What School Transport Features Should School Administrators Look For?

The school has a responsibility of care to all their students, and one of its responsibilities is to provide a safe and secure school transport for them. Because the moment school children board any school transportation, the responsibility of care is automatically handed over to the school. If the school does not own any school Read more »

How and When Should School Bus Drivers Communicate Back To The Parents

The moment school children board their school bus, parents will start to be concerned on their kid’s safety. Some of the many concerns that parents will keep asking about are: How safe are the children boarding or riding the school bus? Does it undergo a regular routine checkup before it starts picking up children? Where Read more »

On Board the School Bus – A Typical Journey

Do your children go to school regularly by taking a school bus? And do you know what is happening during their travel to and from your home to school? Parents and school administrators are increasingly more concerned about their children’s safety while in transport. That is why many companies are developing innovative school transportation monitoring Read more »

School Bus Industry News Round-Up

In this article School Travel Manager will cover a few recent news articles from May. Come and keep up with the latest news in the school bus transportation industry. Extended School Bus Stop Arm Helps To Decrease Illegal Passing There are a lot more school districts in some states in America which are employing extended Read more »

Tales From The School Bus – From The Driver’s Seat

Thank you for your interest in our “Tales From The School Bus”. If you are new to our series, welcome! From this series we will be writing some short articles about life from the driver of the school bus. If you are interested in our articles and you would like to keep up-to-date with new Read more »

Innovations in School Bus and Coach Transport

Buses have never been regarded as the most comfortable mode of transport ever invention but there are rumours that is all about to change. Coaches are now appearing with a higher degree of comfort all over the globe, although these are mainly for long distances it will filter down gradually to even the average school Read more »

School Bus Behaviour

Transporting children on school buses can be a real problem for bus companies, schools and parents. Obviously their safety is paramount, but kids being kids problems are never far behind. Not all bus companies are fortunate to have all encompassing transportation software such as School Travel Manager to monitor both the children and the vehicle. Read more »

Electric School Buses on its Way by 2019

The school bus industry will soon get its electric upgrade targeted to be released this coming 2019. The announcements were already made by several major manufacturers promising to deliver all–electric school buses with sufficient range and power, fully capable of performing the job. It will be a great leap towards a significant change in reducing Read more »

A Few Great Ideas For School Bus Driver Appreciation

Finding school bus drivers that are great at their job is a big challenge for many schools today. Around ninety percent of school transport fleets are reporting of driver shortages as found in the School Bus Fleet Magazine from their 2017 annual survey of school district fleets. Strategies that are being implemented for driver retention Read more »

Finding a Solution to the Stranded-Student Problem

Do you follow regular news on school bus safety? You may find some headlines about students and children left behind on buses. We generally see it happen several times per year, minimum, and it is always a concern. Then, the police are involved and in some cases careers can be ruined from that one simple Read more »

School Administration & School Travel Manager

What does a school administrator actually do? It takes a lot to run a school efficiently and the people or person who runs the administration often have a multitude of tasks to ensure the institution operates smoothly. Administrators are responsible for scheduling classes, handling budgets, looking after discipline, handle the curriculum, make announcements, classroom observation, Read more »

Different Types of School Buses

Parents and school authorities are increasingly more concerned about their children in transport. Whether is is traveling to and from home to school, or on frequent school trips to sporting or educational visits. How schools choose the transportation differs from country to country and from school to school. Some large schools operate their own fleet Read more »

Who Exactly is Transporting Your Children

When you send your kids off to school in the morning you are pretty certain how they are going to get there. If they are walking or cycling to school most responsible parents want to know their chosen route, and usually have walked that very route with their children helping them to navigate any difficulties. Read more »

Factors to Consider Choosing a Transport Provider

For most people who want to charter a coach or hire a bus, price is the overriding consideration. Agreed that everybody has a budget, but you should should fully understand what the coach operator is offering in his quote. Can you really sacrifice safety, reliability, driver competence, cleanliness, comfort, and customer service for a few Read more »

School Sports Tours

For as long as schools have been encouraging their young students to participate in sports there have been school sporting tours. Whether it is just taking a rugby team to play the annual derby game against your closest competitor school, or taking a full international tour for a mixed age group of students. Well organized Read more »

How Safe are Your Kids Going to and from School?

When your child leaves the house in the morning do you know how safe they will be getting to school, and how secure they are on any trips or excursions they take part in when they are there? School safety begins before the children arrive at school, even if they are on school transportation, and Read more »

Keeping Track of Your Kids

When your kids leave the house to go to school in the morning can be a concern for many parents. And trying to keep track of them during where they are during the day most parents leave it to mobile phones. There are a couple of problems using a mobile phone for tracking purposes as Read more »