Major Tech Innovations for School Bus Transportation

There is no doubt that the technology will just continue on advancing to ease our daily undertakings. The public transportation industry is having a nonstop technological advancement of a more secure and a higher degree of comfort for passengers. And also, the school bus industry is getting radical transformations that soon will be widely implemented to aid school administrators, drivers, parents and especially school children.

So here are the major tech innovations that will have a long–lasting impact on the school bus industry.

Onboard Tracking and Monitoring System

There are now innovative passenger management systems available such as School Travel Manager that monitor both the school children and the vehicle. This comprehensive passenger management system is specifically designed for tracking and recording in real time the school buses, also sending direct messages to school administrators and parents of passenger information, and generating automated reports.

Whether the schools are using a third–party company or operating their own school vehicles to transport the children, this innovative system can easily be fitted to any vehicles. If you want to know more information about School Travel Manager and how it can better help your school, then contact us today, our expert support team will be most happy to assist you and explain in details what this system can do.

Electric School Buses

Many leading vehicle manufacturers had already announced that all–electric yellow school buses will be available by 2019. The leading companies that promised to deliver all–electric vehicles are BYD, Iveco, Mercedes–Benz, Optare, Proterra, Thomas Built, Wuzhoulong Motors, and even more. Here is a more comprehensive listing of electric bus manufacturers that will provide our all–electric transportation.

It will be an exciting time for school vehicles to be going all–electric and certainly very interesting to follow its developments in the coming months. And most importantly, it will be a great step towards improving climate change, reducing harmful emissions, and reversing today’s global warming.

Onboard Online Network

In today’s generation, the online network or internet has become a necessity in our lives. In fact, many people are relying on the internet to do their daily tasks such as communicating with families or friends, searching information, online shopping, paying bills, wire transfer money, advertising products and services, playing games or watching movies, and also a great source of education or online courses.

There are really lots of things the internet can do for us and that is why, technology experts are working at their best to continuously improve the speed of our internet. And soon, the internet will also become a necessity to all school vehicles. The benefits of the internet to school vehicles are real–time CCTV camera feed, Geofencing, complete homework on the way to and from school, for entertainment, real–time passenger information, reduce administrative burdens and predictive maintenance.