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Ensuring Your Child’s Safety: Introducing School Travel Manager

Introduction When it comes to ensuring the safety of our children, there is no compromise. As parents and guardians, one of our most significant concerns is the well-being of our kids during school travel. The journey from home to school and back can be fraught with potential risks. However, with the advancement of technology and Read more »

How Normal is Your School Bus?

Enjoying your morning trip to school you probably travel on a conventional school bus that millions of other children collectively do every day. Most kids do not even take stock of their surroundings, or how comfortable or safe the school transportation they are travelling on is. And around the world some owners and operators of Read more »

School Administration & School Travel Manager

What does a school administrator actually do? It takes a lot to run a school efficiently and the people or person who runs the administration often have a multitude of tasks to ensure the institution operates smoothly. Administrators are responsible for scheduling classes, handling budgets, looking after discipline, handle the curriculum, make announcements, classroom observation, Read more »

Who Exactly is Transporting Your Children

When you send your kids off to school in the morning you are pretty certain how they are going to get there. If they are walking or cycling to school most responsible parents want to know their chosen route, and usually have walked that very route with their children helping them to navigate any difficulties. Read more »

Factors to Consider Choosing a Transport Provider

For most people who want to charter a coach or hire a bus, price is the overriding consideration. Agreed that everybody has a budget, but you should should fully understand what the coach operator is offering in his quote. Can you really sacrifice safety, reliability, driver competence, cleanliness, comfort, and customer service for a few Read more »

School Sports Tours

For as long as schools have been encouraging their young students to participate in sports there have been school sporting tours. Whether it is just taking a rugby team to play the annual derby game against your closest competitor school, or taking a full international tour for a mixed age group of students. Well organized Read more »

How Safe are Your Kids Going to and from School?

When your child leaves the house in the morning do you know how safe they will be getting to school, and how secure they are on any trips or excursions they take part in when they are there? School safety begins before the children arrive at school, even if they are on school transportation, and Read more »

Keeping Track of Your Kids

When your kids leave the house to go to school in the morning can be a concern for many parents. And trying to keep track of them during where they are during the day most parents leave it to mobile phones. There are a couple of problems using a mobile phone for tracking purposes as Read more »