How and When Should School Bus Drivers Communicate Back To The Parents

The moment school children board their school bus, parents will start to be concerned on their kid’s safety. Some of the many concerns that parents will keep asking about are:

  • How safe are the children boarding or riding the school bus?
  • Does it undergo a regular routine checkup before it starts picking up children?
  • Where is the exact location of the school bus now?
  • What is happening inside the bus?
  • What time will it arrive to and from home to school?

These are the most common and the constant questions both parents and school administrators keep asking when their children are travelling on the school bus.

What Should The School Bus Driver Do?

School bus drivers should send real–time information to the parents so they will know the exact location of the school bus, what is happening inside the bus while on its route, and the certain time their children will safely arrive to and from school to home.

All this information should be sent constantly to all the parents and school administrators so that everyone will be at ease and have a peace of mind. At the same time, the school bus driver needs to consider concentrating on driving so the school children will arrive safely at their destinations.

If these needs to be done continuously, everything will be a monumental task to do for a school driver. That’s why many companies, such as School Travel Manager developed an innovative school transportation management system to completely address all these concerns.

The Future of School Buses

A new cloud–based system is now available which has multiple applications and tools to help keep your children safe while en route to and from their school. The features does not only focus on for drivers but for the entire vehicle such as scheduling of vehicle maintenance, real–time tracking and monitoring of the vehicles, sending messages of passenger information to both parents and school administrators, and can automatically generate reports.

For more information about this innovative school transportation management system, you can contact School Travel Manager for further enquiries or discuss what this system can help your school.