What School Transport Features Should School Administrators Look For?

The school has a responsibility of care to all their students, and one of its responsibilities is to provide a safe and secure school transport for them. Because the moment school children board any school transportation, the responsibility of care is automatically handed over to the school.

If the school does not own any school transport, then the school administrators will need to look for a reliable group transportation company. The situation becomes even more complicated because of the fact that school administrators are not travel agents. They don’t have the experience in looking for the ideal group transportation companies.

What often happens and drives the end choice is the school budget, and that always is never a good thing. The school administrators would definitely need to ask the right questions to a coach or bus hire company. Like asking relevant safety information to ensure the safety of the students or perhaps asking if they have a passenger management monitoring system. This system will provide extra protection and security for students in transit.

Here are the important features that school administrators need to find out before making a final decision.

How Long They Have Been In Business

A reputable transport company has mostly been in service for a long period of time. The length of time in service matters especially in terms of experience.

A brand new transport company is harder to do a background check on. And often you cannot find any testimonials from any satisfied customers.

The long–established company has all necessary experience that you need. They will have loads of customer testimonials and it would be easier to do a background check. And mostly, they are the right company for this kind of job.

What’s The Company Size

Of course, a large company doesn’t necessarily mean that they are a good company. But large companies can offer a full range of technical support on their vehicles such as maintenance bays, roadside assistance, having a large number and well–maintained vehicles.

But smaller coach operators can also be a good candidate, as long as you can find out if their vehicles undergo a routine maintenance checkup. And also having a technical support for their vehicles.

Ask For Necessary Documentation

It is imperative to ask for proof of all necessary documents that include charter licenses, vehicle registrations, full insurance coverage, other documentation adhering to federal, state, and any appropriate laws & regulations for charter service.

This will further prove that they are qualified to operate as a transport company and to ensure safety to school children.

Real Time Tracking and Monitoring System

The best way for both parents and school administrators to absolutely know the whereabouts of each and every students is by fitting in a real–time tracking and monitoring system in school transport, such as School Travel Manager.

The School Travel Manager uses a unique swipe card system, that sends real–time messages to parents and school administrators to exactly know when the child has boarded and got off the school transport.

If you would like to know more information of this innovative school transport system, contact us and speak to our friendly advisors today.