New Technology Training Courses

There are many ways that the school bus industry is trying to make life safer and more secure for children traveling to and from school. And School Travel Manager’s advanced software applications are just one of the initiatives that are open to bus companies and schools to make the school journey as safe as possible.

Another recent initiative is by Bendix, the commercial vehicle systems manufacturer have just launched their in-person training programs for 2019. Featured in this nationwide American advanced technology course will be the Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake system together with a three-day Air-Brake training class.


Registration for both courses is now open in twenty-five locations across America, and they will be held from February 2019, right up to November. The Advanced Technology Training courses will be held in Ohio and will start in March.

To cope with the additional courses and to provide the highest level of support, Bendix have doubled the size of their training force.

Air-Brake Course

The 2019 version of the air-brake course will visit more states than 2018 and is designed for both experienced technicians as well as new ones. And includes those technicians who work specifically on school buses.

The topics on the course range from the fundamentals of compressed air, and how to diagnose any problems and the ways of troubleshooting any that arise. Also covered are the fundamentals of brake components, including drum brakes, air compressors, and disc brakes.

Advanced Technology Course

The Advanced Technology Course is a new addition to previous courses that have been held in the U.S. It is designed to cover areas that are not covered in the Air-Brake course, and provides a higher level of driver-assistance covering safety systems and issues.

This more advanced course delivers on diagnostic software and includes:

  • Bendix ACom diagnostic software.
  • AutoVue Lane Departure Warning System from Bendix CVS.
  • Bendix Wingman Advanced and Bendix Wingman Fusion driver assistance systems.
  • Bendix ESP Electronic Stability Program.
  • SmarTire and SmarTire Trailer-Link TPMS by Bendix CVS.
  • SafetyDirect by Bendix CVS.

The advanced course also employs hands-on maintenance for Bendix brakes and electrical diagnosis. On each course, there will be operational boards so students can get their hand’s dirty playing with the actual equipment.

All students who want to attend the Advanced Technology Course are advised to complete the three day Bendix Air Brake training, or at the very least take the online course at

Registration is actually free for the online course and it covers many aspects of maintenance for electronics and air-brake maintenance. If you are interested in taking the Advanced Technology Course than be aware that numbers are limited.

Initiatives such as the Bendix Advanced Technology Course are definitely enhancing the safety aspects of school bus transportation that can only be for the benefit of the children that travel on the buses on a daily basis.