School Bus News December 2018

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In this blog, we look at recent news headlines hitting the media in America during December 2018, and you can still see that the safety issues facing students on their daily commute to schools are far from being addressed.

Students Take Charge After School Bus Driver Goes Unconscious

Dec 7th – Atkinson

Two students had to jump into action after their school bus manager collapsed due to a medical emergency. As the bus slowed down to drop a student off, the students saw the driver fall off her seat and land on the floor whilst the bus was still moving.

The driver had already activated the emergency brake as she knew something was wrong. Nolan Barry and Thomas MacKeen managed to calm the other students down while they got the attention of a parent, who organized the evacuation of the bus through the rear emergency door.

Driver Injured After School Bus Overturned

Dec 15th – Penn

The Tribune-Review reported that the driver of a school bus was injured after it overturned. The bus was apparently on its way to Route 130 when it lost control on a bend, causing the bus to careen off the road.

Luckily there were no students on board at the time and the driver was the only person who was injured.

Student Fatally Struck While Crossing to School Bus Stop

Dec 12th – Greenwood

A five-year-old boy was struck by a pickup truck trying to cross the road to the school bus trip. Silus Hunsinger was crossing the road in front of his house when he was struck. The bus was not there yet and an adult stayed with him. The boy died instantly from his injuries and his death was qualified as accidental.

School Bus Operator Go Riteway Launches Trafficking Prevention Training

Dec12th – Oak Creek

Go Riteway Transportation Group has joined a partnership with Busing on the Lookout that are involved with the education of the bus and trucking industry to help prevent human trafficking.

Go Riteway is using documentation given by BOTL to educate their employees in the skills needed to identify trafficking and how to report it. All in all one thousand-four hundred drivers will undertake the training in 2019.

A spokesman from BOTL was quoted as saying, “With half of America’s schoolchildren riding the bus every day, school bus drivers are in a critical position to play an integral role in combating the domestic sex trafficking taking place throughout the country,”

The Iowa Department of Education has been using BOTL since August, and by 2019 it expects all of its nine thousand drivers will be fully trained.