How Normal is Your School Bus?

Enjoying your morning trip to school you probably travel on a conventional school bus that millions of other children collectively do every day. Most kids do not even take stock of their surroundings, or how comfortable or safe the school transportation they are travelling on is.

And around the world some owners and operators of school buses have decided to transform the students lives by creating the most unusual school buses, and ensuring their daily commute is exciting and full of incident.

The Topsy-Turvy Bus

One of the strangest vehicles that can be found on the roads of America is the Topsy, which was designed and created by car artist Tom Kennedy.

We are all familiar with the popular yellow school buses of America, well this is something that takes it all to another level. Kennedy has welded two buses together, one upside down on top of the other!

It is a fully functioning vehicle, that is currently touring America’s states to highlight the current upside-down American policies that concern school transportation budgets.

How Normal is Your School Bus

The Bus Train

Perhaps your school authorities are fed up of students attending school late due to traffic congestion, well the futuristic Bus Train is designed to alleviate such problems.

Basically it is a school bus that has been modified so that it can utilise train tracks and also the road. It has standard normal road wheels but also additional train wheels so it can travel on tracks.

This gives the vehicle great versatility, as it can follow the traditional bus routes but can also travel on designated train tracks to gain some of that lost time if the traffic is bad.

How Normal is Your School Bus

The Duck Bus

Some countries around the world have adapted old war amphibious vehicles and turned them into school buses. These odd looking vehicles were designed during WWII to transport soldiers from boats at sea to the landing beaches.

But they are also excellent as school buses as they have more or less the same seating configuration of a standard school bus and are high up off the road which adds more safety.

How Normal is Your School Bus

So if your school bus trip is suddenly faced with an unexpected downpour, then the Duck will sail through the pools of water with ease.

There are many other most peculiar vehicles that have been adapted for students to travel to work, and if you are lucky enough to have one for your school trip then it will make your daily commute far more interesting.