School Administration & School Travel Manager

What does a school administrator actually do? It takes a lot to run a school efficiently and the people or person who runs the administration often have a multitude of tasks to ensure the institution operates smoothly.

Administrators are responsible for scheduling classes, handling budgets, looking after discipline, handle the curriculum, make announcements, classroom observation, employ and sack staff, get involved with staff conflicts, organize concerts and events, and organize transport for school trips and liaising with parents.

Looking After Pupils Whilst In Transit

Administration and paperwork is important to how a school functions, but the welfare of the pupils must be the first priority. The care of the children getting to and from school and whilst they are in transit on school trips is of the utmost importance.

Many administrators simply hire third party transport companies to ferry their pupils around, but the problem doing this is that they are passing on the duty of care to somebody that they may know little about.

Often a school transportation contract just gets put out to tender, and the lowest bidder gets the group transport contract. This does not guarantee any performance and safety levels.

Modern Transport Management Systems

There are modern transport management systems that are on the market today that are specially designed for schools. Whether the schools actually operate their own vehicles or use a third party company for the transportation of their pupils these recording and tracking systems can be immensely valuable.

School Travel Manager is one such company, is offers an all encompassing solution that focuses on the safety of the students whilst they are in transport. The software has a multiple of applications and tools that focuses on the details of the children and the ability for real time messaging back to the driver, school and parents. Imagine how much time that would save school administrators.

The key to the system is not within the vehicle itself, it is the children themselves using a swipe card which allows schools and parents to know exactly where their charges are as well as the vehicles.

Time Saving

Travel management systems such as this will give administrators far more time to devote to other pressing needs. Take the scenario of a school bus breaking down on the way to drop students off from school.

Every student’s parent or guardian would need to be informed of the delay so they can make other arrangements for collection and not be overly worried at their child’s non appearance.

If this had occurred in the past the headache for the school’s administration staff would have been considerable. Each and every parent would have to be phoned or emailed to inform them with the news.

The School Travel Manager has as one of its many features the capacity to inform parents in real time exactly where their children are at any point of their journey. All the parents have to do is log on to the system to see where their wards are.

If you are interested in knowing more about the School Travel Manager system then contact us today and speak to one of expert advisers who can tell you all about the software and what it can do.